protein skimmer SC-220

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1.DC pump,low voltage,safe and quiet.Outer body pump,improve efficiency.
2.Special design for needle wheel impeller,high performance,efficient and stable;
3.Quick adjustment of water output valve,flexible and convenient;
4.Fully disassemble body,easy for cleaning.


The DC powered Cone type protein skimmer has a silent and safe operation and power to remove aquarium protein waste. The cone type body is simple and generous, and it can accumulate of bubble smoothly to reduce the protein waste. We have innovative approaches to skimmer design for needle wheel impeller, and make it high performance and stable. Compact design of the reaction chamber means better efficient to removal of dissolved protein and organic waste. It is flexible and convenient to adjust the water output valve quickly. And easy for cleaning with fully disassembly body DC Powered Protein Skimmer SC-220: Pump power:DC-4000*1 Qmax:4000L/H Capability :1200L/H Max air inflow:1300L/H Fit volum:800-1000L Size:320*270*570mm water level:200-260MM

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