In Chennai, if someone utters the word ‘Aquarium’, the first place which crosses everyone’s mind is Kolathur. It is the place, Aquarists marked as their territory. Zaman Aquarist is the first exclusive ornamental fish shop opened in Kolathur. By delivering a variety of fishes and other aquarium related products, Zaman slowly became the aquarium hub of Chennai. They are in this industry for more than 40 years and it is their family business.

What makes Zaman stand out from other Aquarists is, they are not only in trading, but also having a significant knowledge in breeding science as well. This comfortably puts them in the front seat of leading aquarists in Chennai.


When it comes to aquarium products, you name it, they have it! As of now, Zaman Aquarists export their products across pan India. Except glass items, everything you need for your home aquarium will reach your threshold if you are in India. If you are in Chennai, even the glass items are not an exception. Let it be someone who needs a small fish tank or someone who needs a large Koi pond, Zaman treats both the customers in the same way.

Business Strength:

The exceptional quality and service of Zaman is well-known among the aquarium and fish lovers. Various unique qualities of Zaman stand as a testimony for the same.

  • 100% original quality products
  • Official dealer of
    • a.Sobo Products
      b.KW Zone’s Jet Products - China
      c.HUEY HUNG - Taiwan
      d.Tetra Products - Germany
  • Foods of Zaman Aquarists supplied by KW Zone
  • Light and Filters from HANA – an undisputed aquarium brand
  • Other Aquarium supplies by OEM, China
  • Annual Maintenance contract is available Aquariums of all the sizes will be delivered in superior quality

Vision & Mission:

Vision :

To be the front-runner of the aquarium and water arts industry by providing astonishing quality of aquarium products to our customers, which is the outcome of our avant-garde technology exquisitely handled by our team of trained experts.


To gratify the customers of all classes by crafting a quality home-away-from-home for the sea species, while integrity and commitment to promises are strictly adhered.


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